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James Caird Society Members' Evening and Lecture

Two-part lecture on Shackleton at Dulwich on Tuesday 6 October, 6.45-9.00 p.m.

Shackleton's Boat: The Story of the James Caird now in paperback

Shackleton Polar Auction planned by Bonhams for May 2016

The James Caird moves to its new home

East Yorkshiremen who sailed with Shackleton on Endurance

The Yorkshire Ones in Antarctica in Kingston upon Hull

The centenary Crossing of South Georgia Nov-Dec 2016

James Wordie's grandson tells of his trip to the icy south

Upcoming Meetings of the James Caird Society

Visiting the James Caird: times severely curtailed at Dulwich College

News of a chance to explore South Georgia - and help the Society

21st Birthday Luncheon of the James Caird Society

Plymouth takes a bold lead in launching Shackleton100

JCS 21st Anniversary

Striking new portrait of Sir Ernest Shackleton by Trevor Mill

Shackleton - the superb TV series by Christopher Ralling

Christopher Ralling's 'Shackleton'

This Thursday, Friday, Saturday - Help Create a Shackleton Opera!

Exhibition complements the Kildare 2014 Shackleton School

Looking ahead

Michael Smith publishes a timely new biography of Shackleton

Packed New Edition of the James Caird Society Journal

James Caird Society Dinner, AGM and Lecture, Friday 7 November 2014

An exciting new plan to commemorate Shackleton 2014

Antarctica: Truth and Legend - 31 May 2014 at King's College, London

James Caird Society Members' Dinner and Lecture, Spring 2014

JCS Meetings, 2014-15

The Shackleton Centenary Book

A chance to meet Sir David Attenborough

Tues 23 April 7.15 at the RGS Ondaatje Theatre: Lecture by Henry Worsley

Shackleton's grave : a final missing part returns

A farewell letter from the outgoing Captain, HMS Protector

James Caird Society Meeting Friday 10 May 2013 at 6.30

Shackleton Epic Expedition completes the crossing from Elephant Island to South Georgia

Tuesday 5 Feb at 2.15: Captain Scott and Kathleen - Sam West and Emilia Fox star on BBC Radio 4

Frank Worsley's Almanac of the James Caird Journey

Antarctic Expedition special late offer: "two for the price of one"

New piece of music by Howard Goodall honours Shackleton

Atmospheric Alps to Antarctica Paintings Exhibition continues till December

JCS Lecture and Dinner, Friday 9 November 2012 at Dulwich College

Protecting the Antarctic

Famous 'Endurance' Exhibition opens in Ireland

JCS Newsletter for Summer 2012 is warmly welcomed

A robust and articulate defence of Captain Scott - by Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Shackleton Lecture in St. Albans by JCS member

Shackleton Autumn School's speakers for 2012

A recent installation commemorates Scott and his men

Which expedition? Discovery, Nimrod, Endurance or Quest?

Contacting the James Caird Society

Sir Ernest features on Irish Television

Alexandra Shackleton unveils a plaque in Dublin to her grandfather

New replica of the James Caird being fashioned in Chile

Douglas Mawson honoured with a special Australian coin

Exciting plans for Chilean Antarctic Institute

The generosity of John Quiller Rowett

Shackleton Rooms in an attractive Edinburgh Hotel

Edmund Burke and the Shackleton Connection. Thu May 24

Polar Sale at Bonhams celebrates Scott & Amundsen centenary

90 Degrees South - A Virtual Voyage Saturday 14 July 2012

More on Frank Wild

New JCS Journal broadens our view of Antarctic studies

James Caird Society Lecture and Dinner: Fri 11 May 2012 at 6.30

Memorable launch of the "Alexandra Shackleton"

Frank Wild: Antarctica's Forgotten Hero: BBC2 Sunday 22 April 2012

Captain Scott Celebrations

James Caird Society members' AGM, lecture and dinner

December Cruise to South Georgia - special discounted offer to members

Sailor on Ice: Tom Crean with Scott in the Antarctic 1910-13

Recent exhibitions in the North West

New replica of the James Caird and film tribute to Frank Worsley

The Tom Crean Society

Conference on South Georgia in Dundee, 7-9 September

The South Georgia Museum (including a model of the James Caird)

South Georgia Heritage Trust seeks a new Director

Shackleton Show packs in the Crowds

New Book: The Quest for Frank Wild

Alfred Cheetham, a mainstay of the Endurance

Listen to the Voice of Sir Ernest Shackleton

Dudley Docker, Shackleton's sponsor

An invitation from the Scott-Polar Research Institute

A CD retelling in music of the story of Shackleton

Deep South Exhibition at The Stables Gallery, Twickenham from May-July 2011

JCS Meeting and Dinner May 2011 - formal invitation

Last chance to catch painting exhibition with a Shackleton connection

Next JCS Meeting and Lecture: Friday 6th May 2011

Shackleton's birthday hits the Google Headlines

A Plaque to honour Frank Wild in Grytviken; and a tunnel through Elephant Island

A further film on YouTube

Shackleton on the moon

Shackleton - My Hero

Shackleton on Youtube

More valuable resources on Shackleton's life and expeditions

Book on William Bakewell, the American aboard Endurance

Leonard Hussey's Banjo - Radio 4 documentary

The 'Alexandra Shackleton' - the replica 'James Caird'

Members' Evening, AGM and Lecture at Dulwich Nov 2010

'Endurance' exhibition at Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool

Shackleton Epic Expedition update

Shackleton, Western Australia

February 2010 environmental expedition traces Shackleton's route

New book on Irish Antarctic pioneers by Michael Smith

10th Ernest Shackleton Autumn School opens in Athy, Co Kildare

One of the best Shackleton documentaries ever made

'Deep South' exhibition at Dulwich Oct 25 - Nov 4

Inaugural Meeting of the Friends of the Shackleton Collection

News of the Shackleton Epic Expedition plans

'Tom Crean's Story' at Liverpool

The Shackleton Foundation

JCS Newsletter expected soon

Christie's in London host the 2010 Polar Sale

James Caird Society Journal no 5

Shackleton News : centenary event in Ireland

Dinner and Lecture: Friday 7 May 2010, 6.30 p.m.

new SCOTT100 website goes live

Death of eminent Antarctic explorer, aged 97

Antarctic News source

Launch of the tug 'Shackleton'

The Shackleton Epic Expedition - launch at Dulwich

JCS Members' Evening and Dinner Friday 8 May 2009

Dictionary of Falklands Biography is now ready

The National Maritime Museum

Sat 4 April BBC2 8.40 p.m. 'Timewatch - 'In Shackleton's Footsteps'

RGS, Tues 7 April at 7.00 (free entry): a memorial tribute to polar pioneer Sir Wally Herbert

Shackleton - an Irishman to the core

Latest edition of the JCS Journal widely welcomed

Shackleton's Nimrod Party descendants reach South Pole

Hurley's descendant to ski-sail across the Greenland icecap

Members' Evening and Dinner, Autumn 2008

Where to find Shackleton on the Web

A word from the Society's Chairman

Birlinn Books reissue 'Shackleton's Boat Journey'

A guided tour of HMS 'Endurance' in Portsmouth

The Perils of Antarctica: Ill-health and Exhaustion

The Interchange Shackleton South Pole Expedition

Shackleton Centenary Expedition

Famous Polar cruise ship MV 'Explorer' sinks off the Antarctic Peninsula

James Caird visits the Whyte & Mackay Earls Court Boat Show

Annual General Meeting and Members' Evening

The Fuchs Foundation launches its appeal on 24 Oct

Hubert Wilkins: Birlinn Books' new Biography of an intrepid Polar Pioneer

Read Shackleton's book 'South' live on the web

Striking photos of Antarctica

Trapped in the Ice: major Shackleton Exhibition tours Spain during 2007-8, visiting Barcelona this autumn

The James Caird Society 'FORUM' takes off

Answer the Question !

'Endurance' Video at the French Shackleton Exhibition

Shackleton Exhibition at the French Museum of Maritime History

News from a Relation and Admirer of Shackleton

Shackleton Crater on the Moon

The Story of Shackleton's 'Aurora' and its long-suffering crew - by an Eye-witness

Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial Fund

The Shackleton and Beardmore Glaciers, and Mount Shackleton

Pilot Pardo, a Reluctant Hero

The 'Yelcho': a name celebrated in Maritime History

Punta Arenas, the city in Chile where Shackleton planned two bids to rescue his trapped men

News about 'The Skipper' : Captain Frank Worsley

'Zaz' heads South: The President's journey to Chile to honour two brave men

Trapped for four months: Elephant Island, where Shackleton's hardy comrades were marooned

The young Shackleton, growing up in Dulwich and Sydenham

A wealth of Antarctic colour photographs

The strange, overawing world of Glaciers

View a slideshow ot Sir Ernest Shackleton and three other legendary Polar Explorers

Blue Plaque to Shackleton in his home town, Eastbourne

Maps of the Antarctic

An unusual Boot with a Shackleton Connection

The James Caird - as a cartoon

Sir James Weddell, Discoverer of the Weddell Sea

The 'Shackleton Cabin'

Celebrating the Centenary of Shackleton's 'Nimrod'

Younger Members: The 'James Cairders' take wing

Fire in Antarctica

Major evidence of Antarctic disintegrationi

View some remarkable snapshots of the interior of Shackleton's Hut

Shackleton's Way - The Bestseller

Posters of Shackleton's 'Endurance' Expedition

More dramatic photos of Antarctica

Following Shackleton, Worsley and Crean over the South Georgia Mountains

'Virtual Shackleton' Display at the Scott-Polar website

Leading Antarctic Explorers: Shirase, De Gerlache, Nordenskjöld, Filchner, Wilkins

Channel 4: another invaluable outline of Shackleton's life and deeds

A chance to have your say on all things Shackleton

Antarctica - Cruise and Travel Guide

Belgian interest in Shackleton and things Antarctic

Natural History Museum's Antarctic Conservation Website

Shackleton's dogs commemorated on Stamps

New Company takes its name from the James Caird

Planned Search for the Wreck of 'Endurance'

Carl Anton Larsen - a Remarkable Forerunner of Shackleton

Shackleton Schools

Some useful notes on Shackleton's 'Endurance' crew

Book on the 'Nimrod' Expedition

The 'James Caird' on display at the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall

Shackleton Scholarship Fund

Shackleton: An Irishman in Antarctica

Shackleton's Granddaughter: an Interview with Alexandra Shackleton

Update Notes by General Patrick Fagan, JCS Chairman 2000-2006

Shackleton Plaque in Grytviken Mariners' Church

Collecting some precious and unusual Shackleton Memorabilia

To the Pole in a wheechair: the brilliant “Pole2Pole” Expedition

The late William Mills, a loyal ally to Shackleton and Scott enthusiasts

Frank Shackleton, the explorer's colourful but unreliable brother

Germany and Polar/Antarctic Research

List of Shackleton sites

Archive details of a significant Polar Seminar

Life below Larsen

Zaz in Action : Some recent Presidential Outings

James Caird on display at the Earls Court Boat Show


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