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The James Caird Society welcomes feedback and suggestions from both members and non-members and is pleased to disseminate interesting new information about all things pertaining to Shackleton, the Antarctic and Antarctic Exploration.

Contact the Hon. Secretary, Mrs. Pippa Hare

Please feel free to email the relevant contact (see also the blue links below) should you have any suggestions or enquiries.

Suggestions and contributions for the James Caird Society annual Journal and/or Newsletter are also welcome.

Contact the JCS Journal Editor

Email the JCS Newsletter Editor

We are always glad to arrange an exchange of links with other similar or related organisations; often a connection is made on the Society's Latest News page, which acts as an archive for many recent and important past stories.

Corrections, emendations, additions or suggested improvements to the James Caird Society website can be emailed to the JCS website editor.

Send a message to the JCS website editor

The Society also welcomes comments, useful information, news from Shackleton's crew members' families, or any questions on matters Shackletonian on the James Caird Society website's FORUM - again, see the link below. The Forum is seen by both members and non-members, and is a good place to make enquiries in the first instance.

Whether or not a Forum reply is forthcoming on a matter of Shackleton history or scholarship, a good course of action is to email the Society's Journal Editor, who has a specialist knowledge of most such matters.



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